Herboriste Marrakech, El Mellah, Marrakech, Morocco

Herboriste Marrakech is a herbalist shop in the Jewish quarter of El Mellah in Marrakech where many local guides take tourists after visiting the Bahia Palace. They call the store as ‘pharmacy’ and they say that it is a cooperative where women produce Argan oil, so well known these days as it is added to several products; and you can see at the entrance a woman who works with their hands and their feet while the person who welcomes you begins to explain the procedures for obtaining oil. You will be taken to a small room where you’ll find many great bottles with beautiful colors that will seem magical potions and you will be asked to drink something while you attend an explanation of different products on sale, of course. With the demonstration of several products you will have the opportunity to try a few of them while some integrating people of the group will receive massages from a representative of the cooperative to test argan oil.


If you are not ready to buy, it’s better to take a walk through the souk until the tour continues.
You might find this long but you can leave when you want and wait for the group outside.

4 thoughts to “Herboriste Marrakech, El Mellah, Marrakech, Morocco”

  1. Hello, I’m suffering from psoriasis for many many years. It covers on many parts of my body.
    I would like to buy some argan cream ( brownish colour type) for my skin condition.
    Please advise the cost of the cream plus fright charge
    I’m from Sydney, Australia .
    23 Feb 2019

    1. Hello Allan Li.
      My article is just on my blog of tourism, you must contact them directly. You can see the informations on one of the photos. Thanks for your interest on my article 🙂

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