Jean Doré Beach, Jean-Drapeau Park, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Jean Doré Beach is located at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal. It is a beautiful beach of golden sand, with quality water, only 5 minutes from downtown Montreal; accessible by car, metro, bus and bike. It is the ideal place to stroll in the sun or do water activities, play beach volleyball or go swimming with family or friends. The maximum depth is 1.60 meters and the beach is supervised with the presence of several rescuers.


You can purchase a season passport or daily entry tickets. If you opt for the second option, make sure there is space when the temperatures are high enough so you don't have the surprise of not being able to get in when you arrive because it's full.

You can bring your lunch but you will also find some options on site.

The Aquazilla attraction is not included in the price of the entrance.

Bring your sunglasses, protective cream, flip-flops, cap and everything you think you need because there are no sales of this type on site.



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