Koroni Beach, Kefalonia, Greece

Koroni Beach is in Kefalonia (the largest island of the Ionian Sea). It’s a beautiful sandy cove that lies around the natural bay of Mounda and it’s 22 km east of Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia. It’s also very near Skala too. Koroni is a nice sandy beach surrounded by tall steep cliffs and lush vegetation. It used to be an important haven for the turtles but the clay from the cliffs has made the sand quite dense, creating an inhospitable environment for these small creatures. Today, the beach is quite developed with sunbeds and umbrellas but it remains still a quiet place where you won’t find a massive tourism. To arrive to the beach, you have a track path from Skala or Mavratas. It’s a very good place to swim, lay under the sun and relax. The area offers some spots where you will have very nice panoramic views of the cape and the blue horizon.


If you like sunsets, you are at the good place. Stay there and you’ll have one of the best you have ever seen. Don’t forget your camera.
Another beautiful villages to visit near Koroni Beach are Assos, Argostoli and Sami.
Thiromnas is a nice village to go to eat.

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