Offida, Ascoli Piceno, Marche, Italy

Offida is a municipality in the Province of Ascoli Piceno in the Italian region Marche, in central Italy. Situated at an altitude of 292 meters, in a region of hills (Apennines) lined with vineyards, orchards, fields of cereals and dotted with groves, all descending towards the Adriatic Sea. You can still see in the streets of Offida lace-makers practicing their art at the sight of the passers-by, thus perpetuating this tradition of mother to daughter for five centuries. A monument has been erected in their honor at the entrance to the fortified town. Its historic center is perfectly preserved and is still encircled by the 12th century wall. To see: the Town Hall (14th-15th centuries) on the square Du Popolo (geographical center of the city); the church of the Addolorata, adorned with a Renaissance portal and the new collegiate church (18th century); the sanctuary Sant’Agostino (14th-15th centuries); St. Francis Monastery and St. Mark’s Monastery; the Pagnanelli Palace (18th century); the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Regional Traditions. Just outside the wal, there is an interesting church called Santa Maria della Rocca. There is a carnival with a carton beef hunt, which has replaced the same animal since 1819 in flesh and bone.


You can participate in the wine tasting at the wine bar which is housed in an antique and austere Franciscan convent. The wines of Offida are famous. If you wish to take a guided tour, you must call ahead to schedule an appointment.

If you are going in July or August, do not miss the annual bobbin lace show. You can enjoy to buy your travel souvenirs.

Do not miss the opportunity to taste two typical products: the ‘chichi ripieno’ (a kind of foccacia stuffed with tuna, anchovies, artichokes and peppers) and the ‘funghetti’ (simple pastries made with water, sugar and flour With the form of small mushrooms).

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