Palace House of Verdugo, Avila, Spain

The Palace House of  Verdugo is located in Avila, Spain, inside the fortified area of the city. Don Suero del Águila had ordered tobuild it in 1531 at Lomo Street which is now called Lopez Nunez. In the sixteenth century, the city of Avila was booming thanks to the growth of the wool textile industry, the construction of churches and convents and religious thrust Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint John of the Cross . The house was designed as the home of Don Suero del Aguila and their descendants; in 1536 Don Suero decided to bequeath it to his son, but on the condition that if there were no more descendants, the house would pass into the hands of the Order of the Jeronimos and this has been accomplished in 1606, after the death of his little son, who was the last descendent. When the Jeronimos took it, the palace became a monastery, but ten years later they swapped it by the College of San Gil. The palace then passed to the Jesuits and they kept it until they were expelled from Spain (1.737) and in the eighteenth century, the house was abandoned. Its stone façade has a defensive character; windowless, low-level and two towers on each side of the door and on the door there is the noble coat of arms of Verdugo. It has a very large central courtyard with arches with floral decoration and shields.


In the vicinity of the palace there are other important monuments of the city that you can access by walking. For more information, visit the city of Avila.


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