Parish church of Our Lady of the Assumption, Valdemoro, Madrid

The parish church of Our Lady of the Assumption is located in Valdemoro, Madrid. It is Baroque and was built in the second half of the seventeenth century on the remains of former buildings and is considered the most important monument of the complex of buildings of the municipality. It has a central nave of 60 m long and 28 m wide, with eight side chapels on each side. There are three entrances, one located west of the nave, with three arches and two square towers. The tower was completed in 1764 and its bell tower has four bronze bells; its pink color is due to the recent reform that was made. The exterior walls are made of brick and stone. In the main altar there is a painting by Francisco de Goya: the Apparition of the Virgin to St-Julien, bishop of Cuenca, with two other paintings, The Assumption by Francisco Bayeu and St. Peter Martyr by Ramon Bayeu. We also find two other paintings by Claudio Coello and several frescoes by Antonio Van Pere. The parish has an important archive with documents dating from the fifteenth century. The organ is from 1737.


The parish functions as such and the calendar of the masses are available on its website.

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