Pitinga Beach, Arraial d’Ajuda, Bahia, Brazil

Pitinga Beach is located in the region of Arraial d’Ajuda, in the northeastern part of Brazil, about ten kilometers south of Porto Seguro. It is well known because it is surrounded by pink cliffs and also because natural pools are formed with the low tide. These cliffs have dense vegetation and this gives even more beauty to this natural environment. You will find small restaurants on the beach, showers, toilets, sun loungers that you can rent for the whole day. The sea is very calm, the water is hot and crystalline and the sand is golden. You can take a long walk or just relax and enjoy the sun. It is a very quiet place to spend the day or to stay around for longer holidays. Enjoy trying local food and exquisite juices or coconut water.


It is a great place to go with children since the sea is calm and with the low tide the whole family will be able to enjoy watching the colorful little fish in the natural pools. You can really walk a lot until you get to have water at your knees.

You can arrive by car, there is a paid parking, or you can take public transport from Porto Seguro (ferry + bus).

If you like crafts, you will find several vendors who walk on the beach.

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