Poros, Greece

Poros, at 31 nautical miles from Piraeus, is a Greek island, near Argolis. It is separated from the Peloponnese by a narrow channel (pass or poros in Greek) 250m, 400m wide. The crossing takes place throughout the day by taxi boats or boats equipped for vehicles. Poros is actually made of two islands connected by a bridge; Sphaeria; where the city and the port are located and Calauria. The islands are mountainous and green. Pine trees predominate but in cultivated areas we mainly find olive trees. The houses are built like an amphitheater on the hill. The most remarkable monument is the clock tower (1927) with the typical blue dome. There was the Temple of Poseidon (sixth century BC, Doric style) but unfortunately there is little left but the excavations are still going on. At the west of the island, you can see the ruins of ancient deposits of the Russian Navy dating back to 1834. These buildings were used as reserves for the Russian fleet sailing in the Aegean whose remains were declared historical monument. At the east of the island of Calauria we find the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi with a source with therapeutic properties at the entry.


Poros is accessible through the port of Piraeus daily with hydrofoils or speed boats (1 hour) or ferry (2h30, with 2 stops).
It is also connected by hydrofoils and ferries with other islands and towns of the Peloponnese depending the seasons.

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