MSC Divina

MSC Divina is an MSC Cruises ship, built at the Chantiers de l’Atlantique in Saint-Nazaire, belonging to the Fantasia class. She was baptized in May 2012 having as godmother Sophia Loren. The ship is quite luxurious with stair steps made with Swarovski crystals, lots of marble, statues here and there and lots of color in the different spaces, especially in the bars. There are a couple of specialty restaurants, Italian cafes, two main restaurants, a large buffet area, shops, a nightclub, a wellness center, a section for children and another one for teenagers, etc.


If you like personalized treatment, with private spaces (restaurant, swimming pool, etc.), do not hesitate to book your cabin in the Yacht Club sector. You will not regret it.

If you want a quick bite to eat anytime and don’t feel like doing it at the buffet, there is a cafe near the shops where you can choose from a variety of sandwiches or pastries. There is also a counter with a choice of ice creams.

Luxor, Egypt

Luxor is a city located on the right bank of the Nile, in high-Egypt, located about 700 km south of Cairo and approximately 300 km north of Aswan. The site is visited by lots of visitors per year and is one of the most touristic places of the Egypt and constitutes the southern part of Ancient Thebes. The temple of Luxor, linked to Karnak by a dromos with a long line of Sphinxes, was erected in the 14th century BC during the reign of Amenhotep III. Ramses II changed it after adding six monumental statues and two obelisks, one of them is at the ‘Place de la Concorde’ in Paris (it was offered to France in 1831). The inhabitants of Luxor live directly or indirectly from tourism. To see: the temple of Luxor, Karnak, the colossi of Memnon, the temple of Hatshepsut, the Ramesseum, Medinet Habu (famous for the burial of Ramesses III temple) and the Valley of the kings, queens, nobles, and craftsmen.


If you prefer to go directly to the site without any excursion, you can go by ‘calèche’ or taxi. Do not forget to fix the price before going on.
A great way to explore the region is ballooning. You can do it early in the morning.
If you prefer, you can also do a camel ride in the fields bordering the Nile.
Go out in the evening, a nice walk throughout the Nile is very nice; you will find bars and restaurants to spend a relaxed evening.
If you like shopping, there is a market just down the street from the station, the first part is for tourists but if you continue a little further, you’ll find the real Egyptian market.