Levada do Castelejo, Porto da Cruz, Madeira

Levada do Castelejo is one of the most well-known walking paths of Porto da Cruz civil parish, Madeira. This is an easy and charming walk. The “Levadas” are a remarkable, ingenious irrigation system that was developed in the 16th century by the first settlers, to distribute water from the high mountain springs to the slopes and valleys. Nowadays, there are around 1400 km of Levadas in Madeira ready for you to explore and discover breathtaking views. This walk offers you the possibility to have very good panoramic views of some villages of Madeira northern coast. The end of the path is the Castelejo waterfall, it takes about 2 hours to reach it. You will be charmed by the forest and the panoramic views, the villages with their terraces for subsistence farming will be unforgettable. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the flora and fauna of the forest and the blue of the sea down the the mountains will complete the natural beautiful scenario.


Always be accompanied by an accredited guide and before starting your walk make sure that you have updates instructions on the route. Take with you this two phone numbers: 291 700 112 Civil protection and 112 Emergency number.
You can make a reservation on line before your visit to the island. At the moment of the reservation take instructions about what you will need to do the walk.

Jean Doré Beach, Jean-Drapeau Park, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Jean Doré Beach is located at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal. It is a beautiful beach of golden sand, with quality water, only 5 minutes from downtown Montreal; accessible by car, metro, bus and bike. It is the ideal place to stroll in the sun or do water activities, play beach volleyball or go swimming with family or friends. The maximum depth is 1.60 meters and the beach is supervised with the presence of several rescuers.


There is a free shuttle from the Jean-Drapeau metro that takes you to the beach.

You can bring your lunch but you will also find some options on site.

The Aquazilla attraction is not included in the price of the entrance.

Bring your sunglasses, protective cream, flip-flops, cap and everything you think you need because there are no sales of this type on site.

You can buy a passport for the whole season with an excellent price.

Open every day from June, 20th to August, 26th, 2018 from 10am to 7pm and the weekend from 1st to 3rd September.



Bradley Beach, New Jersey, United States

Bradley Beach is a borough in Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States. It took the name from James A. Bradley, the developer responsible for the creation of the place. It has a population of a little more than 4.000 inhabitants but in summer it can reach 30.000. There is a boardwalk with only a few places to buy something for drink or eat but you can have good restaurants in town. The beach is clean and the water is crystal. There are lifeguards and while they’re in service, there’s only a place where you can surf. You must pay to park along the boardwalk but you can park for free among the houses in town and walk a little bit. You have to pay the entrance to the beach too.


It’s a little bit crowded in weekends so if you go by car, try to go early cause later will be hard to find a place to park near the beach.
New Jersey Transit offers rail service connecting Bradley Beach to Hoboken Terminal, Newark Penn Station, Secaucus Junction and New York Penn Station on the North Jersey Coast Line. They also offer a bus service that connect the borough and Philadelphia.