Legnano, Milan, Lombardy, Italy

Legnano is a city in the Milan metropolitan city, in Lombardy, in the High Milan, crossed by the Olona river (which cuts the municipal territory into two almost equal parts), south of the Pre-Alps of Varese. The river was channeled to prevent flooding. With a historic battle, Legnano is the only city in addition to Rome, which is quoted in the Italian national anthem and every year there is the Palio of districts to commemorate the battle. In 1862, Giuseppe Garibaldi encouraged people of the city for the construction of a monument in memory of the famous battle, the statue erected at that time, was replaced in 1900 by a monument to the Warrior of Legnano. The city has beautiful parks, like the park of the local forest or Legnano Castle Park, the Park of Mills, the Park of High Milan, the forest park of Ronchi, among others. The city also has very large statues in the streets, especially in downtown and in the streets nearby, there are many shops, restaurants, shopping center, etc. The most important streets are Corso Italia and Sampione. To see: the Basilica of St. Magnus, the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, the Castle of Legnano, the Church of the Three Saints, Guido Sutermeister museum, the Colombera Tower, the Church of St. Dominicus, the Palace Leone da Perego, among others.


If you want to see the Palio of districts, you should visit the city in the last week of May, it’s held the last Sunday of the month. This event is the reenactment of the Battle of Legnano, with a costumed parade through the streets, followed by a horse race where the eight districts of the city are fighting. The city is a good option if you wish to travel by the Milan area, as there is no parking problem as in Milan and you can move easily by train to visit other nearby places and also Milan. The airport of Milan -Malpensa is 10 minutes by motorway.

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