Pompeii exhibition, Fine Arts Museum of Montreal

Until September 5th, 2016, the Fine Arts Museum of Montreal presents an exhibition on Pompeii and Herculaneum, its neighboring city. There are over 220 archaeological artifacts, mosaics, frescoes, bronze and marble statues, decorative art objects, utensils and personal accessories, in a multi-sensory environment. This will allow you to imagine how people lived in 79 AD. when Vesuvius eruption occurred. When the excavations of the Roman city began, stunning relics were found. Statues of actors and athletes as well as erotic art let you visualize the lifestyle and thirst for pleasure Pompéiens had. You will see an exhibition with visual and sound effects at the forefront of the highest technology with a multimedia recreation of the terrible volcanic eruption that buried Pompeii.


On Wednesday, the Museum presents a special offer at half price. You can make your visit with an audio guide in English or French or consult all the exhibition texts on your smart device with the mobile site mbampompeii.com There’s also a boutique where you can buy souvenirs.

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