Valletta, Malta

Valletta is the capital of Malta; located on the northeast side of the island on the Xiberras peninsula. It was founded in 1566 by the knights of Saint-Jean and bears the name of its founder: Jean de Valette. The city preserves many buildings which belong to the time when the hospital order of Saint John of Jerusalem, was the sovereign of the Maltese archipelago (from 1530 to 1798). The city was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage in 1980, a city rich in monuments on a small surface (320 monuments in 55 hectares). There is a lot of pedestrian area in the city, with a lot of sloping streets and stairs. To see: the co-cathedral of Saint-Jean, the fortifications, the Magisterial Palace, the Fort Saint-Elme, the National Archaeological Museum, the Notre-Dame de la Victoire church, among others.


Wear comfortable shoes to walk in the city.

If you are driving, you can leave the car in the underground parking lot of Il-Furjana and take the shuttle that takes you into town.

From the central bus station, you can use public transport to travel to other cities and places of interest.

For a great view of the city and its surroundings, go to the Upper Barrakka Gardens.

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