Alberobello, Bari, Puglia, Italy

Alberobello is a small Italian town in the province of Bari, in Puglia. The place is well known for its typical houses called trulli (trullo in singular), which have been classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (1996). The houses are built mainly with calcareous limestone and sedimentary limestone with stone walls without the use of mortar, because in the 15th century there was an edict of the kingdom of Naples, which required payment at each new urban settlement. The owners of the land on which Alberobello is today, the Counts of Conversano, forced the farmers to build in dry and in this way their constructions were therefore considered as precarious houses, easy to demolish and not to pay taxes. The dome-shaped roofs of the trullo are decorated with decorative bells, which are inspired by mystical and religious symbols. At the entrance of some trulli there are images referring to devotion or favors received, there are images such as the Virgin of Carmine, Jesus or the Holy Doctors. Sovrano is the largest trullo with almost 14 meters in height on two floors. Also to see: the Basilica of the Holy Doctors and the parish church of St. Anthony of the Guanelliani fathers and nuns.


If you visit Alberobello in Easter time, you can see Palm Sunday, palms are placed on the trulli and on the ground as a sign of blessing. Do not miss the visit of Trullo Sovrano and if you go in the summer period, you will find different cultural events taking place there. You also have a belvedere to make beautiful pictures.

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