Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

Antelope Canyon is one of the best-known and most photographed gorges of the southwest of the United States. Located in Northern Arizona, beside Lake Powell, in the reserve of the Navajo Nation. It
consists of two separate gorges, the Upper Antelope Canyon (above) and the Lower Antelope Canyon (below). The canyon can only be visited in guided tours, in part because there could be unexpected rains that can quickly flood it. The guide takes you in a 4 x 4 following the bed of an ancient river till the entrance of the fault about 5 kilometres from the 98 road linking Page to Kayenta. The visit lasts about an hour following the throat over one kilometre. Both faults have a similar aesthetic quality. The Upper Antelope Canyon is most visited because it is larger and its access is easy; on the other side, Lower Antelope’s admission is smaller and wide and you must come in through metal stairs put in place by the Navajos so visitors are fewer. The Upper Antelope Canyon varies from 2 to 3 metres wide and 400 metres long. Lower Antelope Canyon is long, narrow and present significant differences of levels. Unfortunately, on August 12th , 1997, eleven people were killed by a flash flood in the Lower Antelope Canyon.


Sports shoes are required to make visits.
To visit the Lower Canyon, you can reach the parking which is very close and you can go on foot. Note that a physical fitness is also important for this visit.
It is not necessary to make a reservation but it is suitable to arrive early if you want to visit the two gorges. As soon as you arrive, make the reservation for the Upper Canyon and in the meantime you can visit the Lower Canyon with the same ticket .
As the position of the sun is very important for the colors and shadows of the gorges, the best time to visit them is around noon.

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