Bari, Puglia, Italy

Bari is an Italian city, capital of the metropolitan city of Bari and the Puglia region on the Adriatic coast. She is well known as St-Nicolas relics are there. It is also a hub of trade and political and cultural exchanges between Europe and the Middle East; having the largest passenger port in the Adriatic Sea. There are two interesting areas to visit, Bari Vecchia, or old town with its narrow winding streets; designed to minimize the entry of enemy soldiers inside the walls and the Murat quarter (XVIII) which is organized in a checkerboard pattern and represents the commercial tradition of the city. The city has several churches and palaces built between the Middle Ages and the eighteenth century. Being a city to the sea, there are several public and private beaches. To see: the Basilica St-Nicolas de Bari, St. Sabin Cathedral, Norman-souève castle, the fort of St. Anthony Abbot, the palace of the Apulian Aqueduct, the Atti palace, the Colonna Palce, the Mincuzzi Palace, the Archaeological Museum, among others. The city also became an important stop for cruise ships also giving special importance to tourism, they have restored the old town and many buildings and monuments. Also recognized by its rich cuisine that uses many products from the region, based on the three main agricultural products of Puglia: wheat, oil and wine.


If you do the one-day visit to Bari because you are on a cruise, you can explore the city on foot because all the attractions are close to the port.
If you want to relax on the most important public beaches (Pane e Pomodoro beach and Torre Quetta beach), you find them at the east of the city and you can take a taxi, they are about 10 km away.
If you stay longer than a day, there are many beautiful cities nearby like the famous trulli of Alberobello (70 km), Polignano a Mare (40 km), the city of art of Conversano (40 km) among others. You can also visit the major cities in the region, Foggia, Lecce, Brindisi and Tarente and the easiest way would be to rent a car.

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