Bellver Castle, Mallorca, Spain

Bellver Castle (14th century) is located on the island of Mallorca, Spain; three kilometers from the historic center of Palma de Mallorca, on a pine-covered hill of 112 meters, at Bellver wood. Its name comes from ancient Catalan and means beautiful sight. King James II ordered his construction to live there and the architect Pedro Salva directed this construction which took almost 40 years. It is of Mediterranean Gothic style in circular form with rounded towers; also in circular form. The castle was occupied by the kings of the island but it also served as a prison. From 1947, being already owned by the Municipality of Palma, they began to reform it to be able to use it as a cultural building and it was in 1976 that it was inaugurated as the Museum of History of Palma. The castle has a patio in the center and all the facilities on the two floors of the building overlook it, with a gallery of Gothic arches. Since it is visible from the sea and from the city, it is considered one of the symbols of Palma.


There is an indoor cafeteria open according to public visiting times.

Consult the calendar during your visit as there are concerts or civil weddings taking place on the castle’s patio.

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