Boracay, Philippines

Boracay is a small island in the Visayas archipelago, in the Philippines. It is located about 300 km south of Manila and less than a kilometre from the northern tip of the island of Panay, in the administrative region VI or Western Visayas. It is attached to the province of Aklan. Oriented north-north-west, the island measuring six kilometers long for one or two kilometers large. With several large white sand beaches, one of the most beautiful is ‘White Beach’, also the most visited by tourists. Since the 1970s, she became a popular tourist destination. It also has a golf course. It is accessible by boat from Panay, where the airport is, just across the strait that separates them. It is also famous for being one of best destinations for relax, elected in 2012 as the best island in the world by the international travel magazine ‘Travel + Leisure’. She is known both for its tranquillity than for its nightlife. White Beach, the main beach of tourism, has a good infrastructure to receive tourists, hotels, houses for rent are available even as restaurants and shops. The beach is about 4 km long. In the central part, about two kilometers, there is a trail known as the seaside path that separates the beach itself from the beachfront establishments. The 2nd Beach in popularity is Bulabog Beach, main area of windsurfing and kitesurfing.
Boracay is divided for the purpose of conservation and use of land, it has 400 hectares of pristine forest and 628,96 hectares of farmland.


The island is so small that all activity is nearly done on the beach. There’s nothing to see inside. All traditional beach activities are present, from the jet – ski to the turn towed banana, you choose. You can also make snorkeling (mask, snorkel) but there are also clubs of diving which are divided among Japanese, Korean and European, you will find it a bit odd but this is how it works.
To move, you can do it on foot and along the beach it is always nice.
As Boracay is the island that is fashionable at this moment, it is the most expensive place in the Philippines.
If you do not want to party all the time, it’s better to choose other beaches to stay.

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