Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava, also historically known as Pressburg, is the capital (since 1993) and the largest city in Slovakia, located in the southwest of the country, just across the border with Austria and Hungary and near the border with the Czech Republic. The Carpathians begin on the territory of the city crossed by the Danube. There are medieval towers and even imposing buildings of the 20th century. Unfortunately, big changes began in the 21st century and classical baroque style buildings have been lost and modern buildings were built around the historic centre. There is still a little old, pedestrian centre with coloured houses, cobbled streets and baroque churches. There are also several universities, many museums, theatres and other cultural institutions with a multi-cultural past linked to the presence of ethnic people: German, Hungarian, Slovak and Jewish. To visit: the National Theatre, the National Museum, the National Gallery, the Museum of natural history, the Mirbach Palace, the Museum of watchmaking, the Gothic Cathedral of Saint-Martin, the Palace Grassalkovitch (residence of the president of the Slovak Republic), Bratislava castle, among others. There’s also the New Bridge on the Danube with its panoramic restaurant flying saucer shaped dating from the 20th century.


The visit of Bratislava is usually done in 1 day, given the proximity of Vienna, you mustn’t sleep there because apart the small old centre there’s no great thing to see.

If you’re there for a weekend, there are several bars, pubs and small restaurants in the historic centre but the atmosphere of bars and breweries is quite young. The panoramic restaurant is quite chic but there is also a pretty nice bar which will also allow you to have a beautiful view over the city without paying a fortune.

Another beautiful view you will have from the castle which is at the top of the city.

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