Cachi, Salta, Argentina

Cachi is a small town in northwestern Argentina, located in the province of Salta at an altitude of 2,280 meters, on the banks of the Calchaqui River. The town is located in a mountainous setting dominated by the Nevado peak of Cachi which culminates at 6,320 meters. The mountains are red, gray, pink, green with a few touches of different colors depending on the position of the sun and the minerals that contain; they seem to be the work of an artist … Part of the town is colonial style, with white houses built of clay on a stone base, with straw roofs. The windows are decorated with wrought iron gates. To see, the Central Square with its two monuments: the church of Cachi, nineteenth century neo-Gothic style with some parts that were built of cactus wood, including the roof, altar and confessionals and the Archaeological Museum Pio Pablo Diaz which houses more than 5,000 pieces that go mainly from 800 BC to 1600 AC. The square of July, 9th is surrounded by stones that reproduce the ancestral meeting center of the Chicoanas Indians with entrances in triple arches.


If you like to taste the local food, there are very good dishes to be enjoyed starting with empanadas with meat cut with knife and fat, fried; a total delight but make attention because they contain juice. You can continue with humita which is a cream corn and there are even empanadas stuffed with. Another specialty of the region are the tamales (a kind of pancake that is covered with a corn leaf). A visit to Pio Pablo Diaz Museum is very interesting because you will have the opportunity to see a mummified body covered with leather, wrapped in straws, tied with a rope made of vegetable fibers and wool; a symbol of the cult of the dead. In addition, it costs only a few cents. If you stay a few days, visit Los Cardones Park. It is a unique place where you will find giant cactus, there are even some that arrive at 9 meters in height. This park was on the road that the Incas crossed from the Bolivian valley to the Argentine lands. If you like adventure tourism but organized and safe, there are excursions in a kind of glass truck, which will allow you to know the area with experienced guides. You can find yourself suddenly in the clouds, in the middle of nature and with landscapes that will really charm you.

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