Cathedral of Seville, Andalusia, Spain

The Cathedral of Seville in Andalusia was built between 1402 and the XVIᵉ century. Gothic style, it has a bell tower, the Giralda, a former Moorish minaret of the great Almohad mosque that stood on the site of the present cathedral. This is one of the largest Catholic cathedrals in the world and the largest in Spain (132 meters long and 83 meters wide). There are thirty side chapels and vaults of the central nave that arrives at 42 meters. It was built by reusing elements and columns of the ancient mosque. The interior is luxurious, with plenty of gold. The choir opens on the Main Chapel, dominated by the huge Gothic altarpiece consisting of 45 carved panels depicting scenes from the life of Christ, made by sculptor Pierre Dancart; this is the largest and richest altar painting in the world and one of the most sumptuous carved pieces of Gothic art. It contains the tomb of Christopher Columbus and also some kings of Castile. There is a monumental monstrance, the largest in the world. Among its riches, there are collections of paintings, statues and pieces of jewelry. Since 1987 it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Outside it has several doors, one of it leads tothe ‘Patio of Oranges’.


Check the calendar before your visit because it is prohibited when the cathedral is on duty. Access is paid but generally, there is the possibility of a guided audio tour (in Spanish or English only) for free on Monday afternoon (16h00-18h30 if there is no service) but under appointment.
You can take pictures but without flash.
The entry of any person who is under 18 may be made only if accompanied by an adult.


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