Cerro San Cristóbal, Santiago, Chile

The Cerro San Cristóbal is a hill located in Santiago, the capital of Chile. It is the second highest point of the city, 880 metres and is located between the municipalities of Providencia and Recoleta, at their feet we found the district of Bellavista. It is part of a set of mountains, alongside Chacarillas, the Twins and the Pyramid forming the Santiago metropolitan park, the largest in Chile and one of the largest urban parks in the world (722 hectares). It owes its name to the patron saint of travelers, San Cristóbal de Licia. During the colonial era, its stones were used for the construction and to pave the streets of Santiago. At the top of the hill, there is the shrine of the Immaculate Conception with its great statue, considered a symbol of Santiago. In 1925 the funicular and Zoo have been built. John Paul II celebrated a mass in 1987 at the amphitheatre that sits at the top. Broadcasters TV antennas are installed there too. It is possible to go up by car or cable car.


If you like walking or riding a bike, you can climb the hill in a more sporty way. The view that you will have of the city and the Andes mountains worth the effort.
Don’t forget to bring your camera, it is the ideal place to make panoramic photos.
In addition to visiting the Zoo or sanctuary, there are also two swimming pools for hot days.

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