Chinchero, Peru

Chinchero is at 30 km from Cusco, at 3 760 m, is considered one of the most interesting villages in the region; located on an inca site. It controlled the access to the Sacred Valley. There are still important Inca traces like the walls made from blocks that are perfectly adjusted. Its streets are narrow and they are cut in the middle by a canal. Water is also present between the houses. The women of the village dressed in colourful costumes, were organized in a cooperative and demonstrate the staining of wool with natural products such as roots or spices. They wash the wool with roots, they show you the way to tint them and after that the older women show you how to work it to make their craft products. During the demonstration, you will be invited to drink coca tea.


You can go on an excursion, taking a bus at Cusco or by van or by car. Chinchero is included in a tourist ticket that includes visits to four cities in the region or in another ticket which includes 16 tourist attractions with museums. You can still visit it without a ticket even though they’ll ask you insistently for it.
It is true that the demonstration that women make to tourists is interesting but the true Chinchero is the one with the houses made with adobe and straw, with animals from the farm and the green valleys; you will discover it by yourself going without an excursion. It is worth venturing a bit and walk 1 km in the direction of Cusco to reach Piuray Lake.
If you walk along the road above the village you will find the ancient church of Chinchero abandoned today but much more authentic than the one which includes the tourist circuit. Its roof is totally destroyed but we can always see its front.
Talking about crafts, it’s not worth to go there to buy them cause they are the same items that you can find anywhere in the region.

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