Chritmas market, Livigno, Italy

There is a typical tradition of the Alps for the Christmas period that are the famous markets. One of the most known and visited is that one of Livigno where each year a village of wooden houses is set up near the site of the church of Santa Maria Nascente, it is right at the entrance of the pedestrian area. Each house has several gift options for Christmas time, the most typical objects are those in wood, you can buy even statuettes for your creche directly to craftsmen. The market also has a part where you can try different gastronomic products of the region such as apple fritters, hot wine, roasted chestnuts, typical Valtellina desserts, etc. And of course, Santa Claus is present.


This year, the market is open from 6th to 23rd December. Check the schedule on their website as they are variable.
You can arrive by car or train, but also with several trips provided by tourism agencies from different cities; sometimes these are day trips, sometimes you can do a 3-4 day to visit the market, skiing, going to the spa or take a short vacation.

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