Cienfuegos, Cuba

Cienfuegos is a port city on the south coast of Cuba, capital of the province of the same name. The bay on which is located, has the same name too and is 228 km from Havana. It was founded by French immigrants from Bordeaux and Louisiana in 1819 (although it was dominated by the Spanish) under the name of Colonia Fernandina de Jagua but 10 years later, it took the name of the general Cuban governor at that time, José Cienfuegos. It has a very well preserved colonial-style historic center with imposing buildings around the central square, Parque José Martí, which is UNESCO heritage. You will find very beautiful buildings of that period like Tomás Terry theater with its frescoed ceilings and its mosaics; the Government Palace (City Hall); Ferrer Palace; the former Lycée; San Lorenzo School; among others.


There are other attractions to visit not far from the city like the Soledad Botanic Garden, 14 km away, with a huge variety of species and the Jagua Castle, an eighteenth century fortress that can be reached by ferry.

There are two important events in the city: the Carnival and the Benny Moré Music Festival (September).

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