Doha – Qatar, The pearl of the desert (from our 7 wonders cities)

Located on the Persian Gulf on a magnificent cornice of 7 km, Doha is Qatar’s largest city with about one million inhabitants. This town with impressive infrastructure, is also a land of contrasts where in a few minutes you go from a shopping center to the old souks tucked behind the cornice. In this maze of shops and stalls, you will discover not only the Qatari soul, but a fascinating craft gold items. As in any Arab country, do not forget to bargain or you pass for a pedant without good manners!


The Museum of Islamic Art alone justifies the visit of Doha, call by the Qataris, the pearl of the desert. It’s built on an artificial island and houses a collection of the 7th to the 19th century. Also, worth seeing, located just off Al Ahmed Street, the Gold Souk, with its charming small jewelries shops, is one of the most attractive places in Doha.

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