Economy class syndrome

The airlines know that passengers traveling in economy class, may suffer ‘the economy class syndrome’; it means travelers may suffer from thrombosis and even worse in some people, a deep vein thrombosis. Several factors can contribute to this in an airplane. Dehydration caused by dry air can thicken the blood, it’s added to the very small space that there’s in the seats, the immobility of the person for long hours and it is especially in the legs that we can see the problem. Of course that there are people more vulnerable than others.
The airline Qantas, aware of this risk has introduced the broadcast of a clip in its flights, becoming this way the first airline to do it.
The video was made by academics from the University of Melbourne in partnership with Physitrack Limited. There are 4 minutes where they show a series of exercises that passengers can do sitting quietly in their seats, thereby enabling the improvement of the blood circulation of the body.


It is suggested to do the exercises every hour and also to stand up and walk a bit in the driveway if possible.


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