Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts, USA

One of the best places to celebrate October, 31st is Salem, Massachusetts, because it is a whole city that celebrates Halloween. Many tourists are attracted by the history of the witches who lived there in 1692, when 21 innocent people were accused of witchcraft and subsequently were hanged. This sad story today is the most important reason why tourists go there and there is every possible route to do during your visit that are related to the theme. So you can visit ‘The witch house’ or the house of Jonathan Corvin (one of the judges who condemned people for witchcraft at the time); the Salem Witch Museum where you can know a little more about this story and the cemetery Old burying point where the victims in this story were buried. You will also find several stores that sell Halloween items throughout the year.


From Boston, you can go by bus, train, car or boat.
If you visit the city of Boston in a tour, many times you will visit Salem in your itinerary, but just for a few hours.
If you want to spend more time in the city, the best time is during the week of October, 31st where there are many events for this traditional celebration. It’s very important to make a booking for your stay at this particular time because you may not find accommodation.


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