Ingleses Beach, Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Ingleses Beach is one of the most popular destinations on the island of Florianopolis in southern Brazil all year long and especially during the summer because it has an excellent infrastructure that serves the beach and even a small shopping center. Bars, entertainment, restaurants, nightclubs and the strong presence of shops warranty families and youth diversion in the night, while during the day the beach is the favorite place. Its name was taken because of a wreck of a British vessel in the region between 1683 and 1737. These dates were established by objects found. This is a favorite beach for Argentinians that feel at home by finding a bilingual service and Argentine newspapers too. The large beach (about 5 km), allows one hand, enjoy the calm sea, ideal for taking children and the elderly, and on the other side, the waves are strong and favorable for surfing. The sand is very fine and white, and there are dune formations in this region. In summer, the temperature of the water is warm and pleasant, suitable for a relaxing swim. In the south, the Morro dos Ingleses (a very small mount) separates Ingleses Beach from Santinho Beach.


If you want to spend several hours on the beach, you can rent a space with some of the posts along the beach that will enable you to use the full service in exchange of consuming something from this post. It is very convenient because you will also have your things monitoring service when you make a bath.
You can eat local specialties especially fish and drink wonderful natural juices throughout the day.
You’ll find all kinds of places for rent as well if you do not like hotels.

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