Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor is a town and municipality in Montenegro, built against a rocky peak to the bottom of the Bay of Kotor, in the Adriatic Sea. It is surrounded by an impressive defensive wall with 4.5 km long, 15 meters high and up to 20 meters wide. The walls rise to the bastion St. John (280 meters). The city is not too big but in recent years it attracts many tourists with its old town that is very well preserved, either by the Bay of Kotor. It is just a hundred kilometers from Dubrovnik and the old town is on the UNESCO list of world heritage. The mountains of Lovcen and Orjen delimit the city and its bay. Throughout its history, the city has experienced many different rulers passing from hand to hand but since 1918, it was named Kotor by integrating with Yugoslavia and after 1945, it is finally in the Socialist Republic of Montenegroto see: St. Trifone Cathedral having the Dinaric Alps behind giving a magnificent natural scenario; the church of St. Mary, the church of St. Joseph, the Grégorian palace, the Square of Arms, among others.


In the old town there are many shops, cafes and restaurants that exhibits their delicious ice cream. The people are very nice but many times communication is not very clear in terms of language. They are open to tourism for some years so they are very friendly and you must have patience because the communication will be often with gestures especially to those selling regional products or crafts.
Bring comfortable shoes or sports ones to walk around the old town without slipping.


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