Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana also named Lubiana, is the main city and the capital of Slovenia at 298m altitude in the valley of the river Ljubljanica. Its central position between Austria, Hungary, the Venetian region in Italy and Croatia have influenced its history having different cultures: Germanic, Latin and Slavic. In 1991, she became independent of Yugoslavia. Located 140 km west of Zagreb, 250 km northeast of Venice, 350 km southwest of Vienna and 400 km southwest of Budapest. Its historical centre is intact and we find baroque and art nouveau styles, strongly influenced by Austrian cities like Salzburg. There is a headquarter of town district with the main architectural buildings and the headquarter of the Knights of the Cross where we find the Cankar House, the Church of the Ursulines and the building of the society Philharmonic (1702). Unfortunately, the city is in a seismic zone and it has experienced several earthquake quite important spetially one in 1511 and another in 1895 who forced to rebuild the city fthat’s why we found different styles. To see: the Ljubljana Castle (12th century), which dominates the hill, Saint Nicolas Cathedral, Saint Pierre church, the Franciscan church of the Annunciation, the Robba fountain, the Dragon bridge, the Triple bridge, Cobblers bridge, the National Gallery and the Museum of Modern Art among others.


To visit the Castle you have a funicular. Alternatively, you can consult the calendar of cultural events that take place in the castle to enjoy your visit twice.
A nice stroll throughout the market of Plecknik is nice. It is built on two floors, one of them dedicated to the stores, the other just to stroll beside the river. On Sundays in the old town there is an antique market.
There is also a zoo of about 20 hectares.
Depending on the season of your visit, you will find excursions on boats who go on the Ljubljanica River, giving you the possibility to see the city from another angle. There are also terraces with cafés, bars, restaurants that invite you to take a pleasant break.

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