Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mar del Plata is a city of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, located on the Atlantic coast, 404 km southeast of the city of Buenos Aires, the federal capital. The city is a major tourist center of the country; major resort and hosts during the summer between two and three million visitors, multiplying up to twice its resident population. The city has a highly developed tourist infrastructure. It is also known as the Pearl of the Atlantic and there is a great similarity with Biarritz (the French city). The preferred beaches by the tourists are located in the city center or in the south of the city. It is well known culturally, it has many theaters and cinemas that are full of all kinds of shows in the summer. It’s also visited throughout the year because it is a city that offers many opportunities for tourists there are many events that take place throughout the year and it is also a place for lovers-fishing. The climate of Mar del Plata is temperate oceanic, with abundant rainfall throughout the year and much cooler temperatures than in Buenos Aires. To see: Provincial Hotel and Central Casino (one of the largest casinos in the world, which also hosts a theater-auditorium); the Millennium Square with its dancing waters fountain (opposite the Casino); the monument to the sea lion (located on the Rambla), the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Cecilia (1905); the Monk Tour; the Fishermen Port; the Lighthouse Punta Mogotes, Camet Park, the Aquarium, among others.


There is a wide variety of restaurants in the city. A nice place to eat is the port where you will find delicious dishes with fresh fish of the day. You can also buy fresh fish every day.
The Atlantic coast has many beaches and cities each bonded to others, you can rent a car to know them, it is worth it because they are very different from each other.
At 20 km from the city we find the Mount and the Lagoon of Fathers, a popular site for tourism.
You will find many woolen and cotton thread clothing stores because there are several textile factories in the city and around; the same as factories of ‘alfajores’, a kind of stuffed biscuit with ‘dulce de leche’ product typically Argentinian.
If you like a night out, there are many bars, restaurants, discos, pubs, etc. The best known places are in the city center, on Avenue Constitución or at ‘Playa Grande’ on the Maritime Boulevard.

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