Montreal Souring Council Club, Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada

The Montreal Souring Council Club is a place where you can experiment gliding, to become a pilot or just like a sport. It is located in Hawkesbury, Ontario, halfway from Ottawa and from Montreal. You must become a member and apply for a license as a student pilot by providing the required documents and having 14 years or more. You will begin to fly with an instructor and it can take 30 to 50 flights to be able to do your first solo flight. You will fly in a two-seat glider with your instructor.


If you are interested in an introductory flight ( $ 120.00 ), it is possible. You can visit their website or call to have all the information.
Flights are from May to November depending on weather conditions.
You should bring sunglasses, a hat or a cap, sunscreen and of course your camera if you want a souvenir of your first flight.


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