Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Palermo, capital of Sicily, Italy. Sixth port of the country, is located on the North coast of the island. Its climate and its exceptional cultural heritage promote tourism. The majority of its cultural wealth is located in the old centre: churches, theaters, monuments that will capture your attention, no doubt. It is also famous by its markets to the unique atmosphere. There are several districts as the  Borgo Vecchio (old town), I Candelai, La Vucciria among others, which are known to have a good nightlife with cafés, restaurants and discos.


If you arrive at the Borsellino airport, take the Trinacria Express train you will arrive in the city in 45 minutes without spending a lot of money.
If you arrive at the port, do not attempt by carriages and different kind of motorcycles that people will try to hire to you to make you arrive in the city by saying that it is very far, nothing real, you can walk quietly by visiting the old centre. If you still want to do this ride, do not pay the first requested price, it is necessary to reduce it because they usually ask you the double for ultimately will come down it to half or less. Make sure that the person has a tourist permit to carry you on this kind of vehicle.
There are 3 lines of tourist buses that will let you know the fair city for only some coins per day, take it at the station or at the port.
If you want to have a beautiful panoramic view of Palermo, visit the sanctuary of Santa Rosalia (Patron Saint of the city) on Monte Pellegrino (606 metres).

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