Pastrana, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

Pastrana is a village and municipality in the south of Guadalajara province, autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, at 95 km from Madrid. It is the capital of the region of La Alcarria. The city was important in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. There are still a few presences of the medieval city. We find the Ducal Palace, where the Princess of Eboli lived, an important figure in the history of the place, now owned by the University of Alcalá. You can also find the convents founded by Saint Teresa of Jesus, the tapestries of Alfonso V, the Collegiate Church with its Baroque altars, statues and shields, the fountain of four Sewers (1588), Dean Square with its historic buildings that remember the grandeur of the past, the street of the Palm, with its palaces: of the Inquisition, Burgos, knights of Calatrava and the synagogue, among others.


St Joseph’s Convent, founded by St Teresa, is part of St Teresa’s traces a route of culture and tourism pilgrimage which brings together the 17 cities where St Teresa has left foundations or “traces”. The road is not in an established order or time because every pilgrim can do it when he wants and in the order he wishes.
If you visit the city in January, you can participate in two festivals, the 17th is the day of St. Anton and the 20th is the day of Saint Sebastian, you’ll find songs, processions and typical food. At Easter, you will find similar festivities. The day of St Teresa, October 15th, is also celebrated.

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