Piazza Unità d’Italia, Trieste, Italy

Piazza Unità d’Italia is the main public square of the city of Trieste, Italy, and is therefore, as such, also called Piazza Grande. It lies at the foot of the hill of San Giusto in the downtown; rectangular, it is bordered on three sides of neoclassical and baroque buildings, having as fourth side, the Gulf of Trieste (on the Adriatic). It is considered the most important place of all Europe among those that open onto the sea. In 1918 it changed the name of Piazza Grande by Piazza Unità when the town was annexed to the kingdom of Italy but in 1955, it takes its current name because the independent territory of Trieste was dissolved and the city made part of Italy. The palaces that line were restored between 2001 and 2005 and they replaced the asphalt pavement by sandstone slabs. The main palace is the building of the Town Hall (built in 1875 by Giuseppe Bruni) with a tower in its center to which we find the fountain of four continents and a lighting system was added to the edge of the sea. The tower or campanile has two figures (Michael and Jack) ringing all the time fifteen minutes on the municipal bell. The figures are a true copy of the originals which are preserved in the museum of the city.


The square is a meeting place, to make an appointment with friends or to have something to eat or drink in cafés, bars and restaurants nearby. There are also many other shops in the area.
It is also a landmark for the inhabitants of the city, for events, demonstrations, etc.
You can often see couples of newlyweds who make their first wedding photos in this place.

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