Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman island

Seven Mile Beach is a very beautiful beach on the western end of Grand Cayman island. It’s considered among the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean with a lovely white sand and crystalline water. It’s a public beach and you can walk along it all. There are different properties along rhe beach (hotels, condominiums, clubs, restaurants) and everybody has access to the beach for free. You can also eat or drink at the different places you can find along the beach beacause the hotels has also public access to the bars and restaurants on the beach. George Town, the capital of the island, is directly to the south of Seven Mile Beach and you can find West Bay District to the north. The beach has areas with people offering you to rent an umbrella and transats for the day. There are also big picnic areas (huts), services and children playground area too.


If you are on a cruise spending the day in George Town, you can easily go to Seven Mile Beach by taxi or simply taking the bus-excursion offered by companies like MSC Cruises at a small convenient rate.

If you like snorkelling, there are some small reefs and the Marriott hotel has a good artificial one.

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