Stresa, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Piedmont, Italy

Stresa is a town in the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola in Piedmont, the Po Plain, Italy. The town, situated 200 meters above sea level, is an important touristic village on the west shore of Lake Maggiore, owes its fame to the nearby Borromean Islands (in front) and is quite famous for its luxury hotels. The Grand Hotel in Borromees Islands is the oldest of them (1861); famous for having hosted Ernest Hemingway. This is an original medieval city that attracts tourism especially from early spring to late fall. Its proximity to Switzerland, also makes it for easy access. Its hills are decorated with beautiful and wealthy mansions further that the luxury hotels that line the lake shore. It also has the starting point for shuttle boats leading to the islands and major cities around the lake. Mount Mottarone is known as a ski resort as busy as the city, in addition, from there you have a magnificent view of the lake and the Alps. The city has two important events; the evening procession and celebreation of the Virgin for Easter and the Musical Week of Stressa and Lake Maggiore which takes place mainly in the city but that counts with some rooms in nearby locations. It is a classical music festival.


You can arrive there by train, the city is communicated with the line connecting Milan to Lausanne. There is a beautiful walk at the lake with cafes, restaurants and bars. To taste some typical thing, try the Margheritine, flower shaped cookies that were created in 1857 in occasion of the First Communion of Princess Margaret of Savoy who lived in Stresa. Another typical cookie is Reborino, created in honor of the poet Clemente Rebora, with ingredients that had quoted him in his poem. To accompany these delights, nothing like the Stresa Tea, made with herbs and flowers of the region.

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