Swim with sea turtles, Barbados, Caribbean

A great activity to do in Barbados alone, with friends or family is swim with the turtles. If you visit Bridgetown, you can take a cruise to such effect. The cruise goes to a part of the island which is known as the Gold Coast because of its sandy beaches (west coast of the island). Generally before seeing the turtles, the catamaran makes a stop to familiarize yourself with the sea and underwater life, with a life vest, fins, mask and snorkel, you will have your first impression. Sailing away a little more, everyone is invited to get into the water and that’s when suddenly you see a turtle, two turtles, three, four and more, approaching in a dance beside you as if they amused with the arrival of turists, turtles with colorful scales. You will be amazed by this wonder. Usually this magic ends with a lunch and dance on board …


You can book your trip through a travel agent, ask your hotel or just taking a bus or taxi to get to the starting point.


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