The Cavern Club, Liverpool, England

The Cavern Club is a nightclub located at 10 Mathew Street; a small street in the center of Liverpool, in England. It is here that Brian Epstein (who became their manager) saw the Beatles playing for the first time on November 9th, 1961. The place was opened in January 1957 and named after the local in its basement, where the Beatles occurred repeatedly. They gave 292 performances between February 9th, 1961 to August 3rd, 1963. There they began to have fans. Of course other artists and groups have come into the club, as famous as The Beatles; among them we can mention: The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Aretha Franklin, John Lee Hooker and Oasis. The club still exists, and we also can find a reconstruction of the place as it was at the time of the Beatles in the museum dedicated to them (on the Albert Dock Liverpool). Currently, there are two rooms: the vaulted room is a recreation of the Beatles’ and receives groups who play the band’s music and the modern room with an actual sound system and a larger stage, for groups of all styles and nationalities.


If you want to enjoy a show in the club during your stay in Liverpool, check their website for details of concerts. Generally, the entrance is free but at some hours, days, or shows, you have to pay admission. You’ll find the option to buy souvenirs of the place too. If you are an artist or you have a band playing the music of The Beatles, you may have an opportunity once a year, to play in the Cavern, in the last week of August at the International Festival Beatleeek. You can contact the club to submit your application.

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