Wetetnagami outfitter, Senneterre, Quebec, Canada

The Wetetnagami outfitter is in Senneterre, Quebec and borders the lake of the same name; established at 65 km east of Lebel-sur-Quévillon. You can arrive with your car but to get you to your cottage, you must go by boat with a crossing of about 15 minutes. The cottages are all on the water’s edge with a sandy beach, intimate, to enjoy a stay in nature and tranquility. You can practice hunting and fishing, the site is monitored by a guard and competent staff . The place is communicated with the head office with satellite phone, in case of emergency, there is a seaplane on site.


Cabins are equipped enough but you need to bring your hunting or fishing equipment, warm clothing or clothes to protect yourself from the rain, life jackets and some other personal items that you can check on their website or ask them at time of booking .

Park of Villa Pallavicino, Stresa, Italy

The park of Villa Pallavicino, in Stresa, is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Superior Lake, an idyll of flora and fauna that gives the visitor a unique experience.
The original idea of ​​the park is due to man of Neapolitan State Ruggero Bongos, who, fascinated by the Superior Lake, decided in 1855 to buy the land to build a small house. Subsequently, the family of the Marquis Pallavicino, who in 1862 took over the property, expanded it, constructed walkways, decorated the park with statues and simple home had become a beautiful neoclassical villa of the nineteenth century that stands still on the hill. It was the Marquise Louise in 1952, who completed the work by hosting animals from around the world to build an exceptional zoo.
In fact, thousands of tourists choose to visit this great park over 16 hectares. Open meadows, shady avenues and squares where the roses bloom, oleanders, magnolias, daffodils, azaleas, rhododendrons which perfectly combine the scrub forest with ancient monumental trees. The zoo, with over 40 species of animals from around the world, is the main attraction of the park: white swans, ducks, rare crested cranes, deer, silver pheasants, deer, goats, llamas, zebras, kangaroos Bennet , peacocks animate this real natural balcony overlooking Superior Lake and the surrounding mountains.


The park can be visited on payment of the ticket, there is a restaurant, a bar, a souvenir shop, a playground and several picnic areas.
The visit is available from March to October, ideal to spend a beautiful day with the whole family.