Catalina, La Romana, Dominican Republic

Catalina is a tropical island of the Caribbean Sea, located in the southeast of the Dominican Republic in the province of La Romana. There are no inhabitants on the island but it receives thousands of people through the cruise ships that let their passengers spend a day of relax, sea and beach. Everything awaits you to enjoy this paradisiacal place; you will find sun loungers, parasols, services, snorkelling, etc. A buffet meal will also be offered by your cruise line. The island is a small paradise with stunning white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. It takes half an hour to get there from La Romana. You can snorkel or dive to discover its colorful fish. The island is surrounded by corals.


When leaving the ship, do not forget to bring the necessary items for a day of beach, especially sunscreen, glasses and towels. The rest you can find on site and the chairs are free. But be careful in the sea because there is no surveillance.

Consider that you will be transported there by the rescue boats of your ship and if you have sea sickness, plan to take your medicine against transport sickness and bring it to take it before returning.

You will find local craft items so bring in a little money if you want to buy some souvenirs.

If you like Latin music, you will have the opportunity to dance or learn how to dance with the local animation staff.

Turks and Caicos, Antilles, Northern Caribbean

Turks and Caicos also known as the Turquoises Islands; are an archipelago of the Antilles, in the southeast of Bahamas, in the Northern Caribbean. They are about 40 islands but only 8 are inhabited. Since 1973, they are a British overseas territory. Their climate is hot and dry with very little rain and hurricanes are frequent in the region. The wet season is short, from October to December and little marked. The archipelago has limited amounts of water so the inhabitants are used to install tanks to collect rainwater for diary use.Their plant environment consists of marshes and mangroves on a calcareous soil. The average temperature is 29 °C. Tourism, fishing and offshore financial services are the main economic activities of the archipelago. Its main economic resources are lobster and conch. There are beautiful beaches. Among the activities, golf and water sports are held.
Since 1917, Canada is trying to annex the Islands but in 2014, the Foreign Minister John Baird, says that his Government is not interested in annexing the Islands but the minister Peter Goldring continues to pressure while the Prime Minister of the Islands Rufus Ewing maintains its position of wanting to strengthen the ties between its territory and Canada.


It is a beautiful place to dive, there are catamarans which organize tours to do it.
If you like fishing it is possible to do it.
You can also rent a scooter to know the different beaches.
We recommend you to visit the islands between February to April, it’s the ideal time because the temperatures are pleasant and there are less tourist crowds.
If you visit the Grand Turk Island, you can visit the Museum to know about the history of the Islands.
You can also visit Salt Cay, with its infrastructure recalling salt as the island of Providenciales with its plantations of cotton, its beautiful beaches and its coral reef.

Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas

Great Stirrup Cay is a 250-acre private island in the Bahamas that belongs to the Norwegian Cruise Line cruises and is completely reserved for their passengers who will join the shore on a small boat. You can disembark at the time of the day suitable for you and return to the ship whenever you want, the boat service is constant. The island has beautiful white sand beaches with an infrastructure dedicated to cruise passengers who make a stopover in this little paradise. You have plenty of sunbeds distributed everywhere so no need to worry about finding one and if you prefer, there is a paying section where you can rent a kind of tent with 2 sunbeds to protect you a little from the sun and to have more privacy. You will find some restaurants (with hot or cold dishes) and bars; tacos, burgers, pizza, fresh fruit and more. Several activities are as possible as excursions. There are kiosks that sell crafts and souvenirs and prices are in US dollars. Another section with a lagoon will be inaugurated very soon. You will have the opportunity to rent a villa or studio for the day.


Bring your beach towel, sunscreen, sunglasses and your boat access card even a little money if you want to buy souvenirs.

Regarding the drink package, you keep your package on land valid in all bars.

If possible, book your excursions before boarding to make sure you have your place.