Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the capital and largest city of Germany. After the fall of the wall in 1990, the main federal institutions settled there. A very important cultural and artistic city with 166 museums and 60 theaters. The Bradenburg Gate is the emblem of the city and represents the unification of two Germans. To see: the Historic Cathedral of Berlin (Berliner Dom); the garden on the Museum Island (Lustgarten); the Pergamon Museum (where the Babylon Gate is); the New Museum (with the famous bust of Nefertiti); the Unter den Linden (old splendid avenue with several historic buildings); the St. Hedwige Cathedral, the 368m television tower (Fernsehturm); the City Hall; the Police Officers Square; Bellevue Catle; among others.


The city is divided into 3 zones and the price of the public transport tickets changes according to the zones. There are 2 cards also valid for traveling 48 or 72 hours or 5 days but be careful, if you are going to spend just a long weekend, compare prices because buying 3 or 4 day tickets will cost you less than the card. There is also the Call a bike service which allows you to rent a bike to travel around the city but you must have a cell phone to use it. Do not miss to admire the more than 1300 meters of the old Berlin Wall, called the East Side Gallery. More than a hundred artists from more than 20 countries have left their works on it.

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