Rostock, Germany

Rostock is a city in northern Germany, at the mouth of the Warnow River. Warnemünde, located 16 km north of the historic city center, is the coastal part of Rostock. One of the most typical places is the Newer Markt ( New Market Square) where you will find the Town Hall which dates from the 13th century, Gothic style and built in brick. In the 18th century it had the addition of a baroque-style facade and a banquet hall. The square is beautiful and you could also admire six gabled houses from the 15th and 16th centuries, completely restored. You can visit the Church of St. Mary, in brick Gothic style which was modified in the 14th century to give it the current cross shape. Inside the tower there is an astronomical clock dating from 1472. From New Market Square, there is a beautiful pedestrian street which will take you to an ancient 14th century gate. You could see the main building of the University of Rostock (the oldest in Northern Europe) and the Zeste of life fountain as well as a few sections of the medieval wall.


If you like to try the famous ‘frankfurter Würstchen’ (German smoked sausages), you can do so on the pedestrian street either in the bars or directly at a sales point in the street.

If you visit the city during the 2nd weekend of August, you could attend the Hanse Sail festival where over 200 sailing ships are gathered.

Do not leave without visiting Warnemünde where you will find its lovely beach, very pretty old houses on the seafront, the old fishing port and its lighthouse. You can get there by train.

If you are on a cruise ship in Warnemünde, to visit Rostock, go to the tourist house where you can buy your train tickets for a round trip.

From Rostock Central Station, you can also visit Hamburg or Berlin with fast connections.

If you like jazz, the Ostsee Jazz festival takes place in June.

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