Cernobbio, Como, Lombardy, Italy

Cernobbio is a municipality in the Province of Como in the Italian region of Lombardy, located on the shores of Lake Como and at the foot of Mount Bisbino and is known as a tourist resort with magnificent and renowned mansions. The most famous are Villa d’Este, where royal members have already stayed (today is a luxury hotel, furnished with a princely decor and surrounded by a charming garden) and Villa Erba, dating from 1800 and today it was transformed into a congress center which still preserves the magnificent rooms and the elegant park.


You can reach the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, on the summit of Mount Bisbino, at 1300 meters and rolling over there, you will get a magnificent view of Cernobbio with the lake and its colorful houses.

If you like walking, there is a small marina where you can stroll around by taking a good ice cream or simply enjoy a typical Italian dish in one of the restaurants that surround the harbor.

You can stay there because there are several hotels and from there you can visit the different towns and villages that surround the lake. For example, the city of Como is just 4 kilometers away.

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