Civitavecchia, Rome, Italy

Civitavecchia is located in the province of Rome, city and seaport, stopover of all major cruise companies, port that also serves Corsica and Sardinia. There is Fort Michelangelo whose upper part of the ‘maschio’ towers was designed by Michelangelo. The structure has 4 towers with a diameter of 21m and the walls are between 6 and 7.6m thick. The St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral was built by the Franciscans on a small existing church. There is a remarkable statue that all those who visit the city will always have in memory, with a height of 9 meters, it shows us a sailor kissing a nurse who reminds us the image of Times Square at the end of the Second War world which had been immortalized by a photo-journalist.


If you want to enjoy an excursion to Rome and the Vatican it is possible, tit takes almost 90 minutes by car. You could also take the train (1h06).

If you are cruising, the best option would be to take their excursion because you might run out of time and not arrive in time for the departure of the ship.

If you like the terms, you will find an archaeological site ‘Taurine Terms’ a few kilometers from the city and if you want to take a bath, go to the terms of Ficoncella (ancient Roman terms that still work). You could  take a taxi to get there.

If you just want to have a quiet holiday, the city offers you a sea promenade with some beaches and a calm sea, bars and restaurants where you can enjoy having a good meal or the boutiques to do some shopping.

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