Chicago, free guided visit, USA

You’re planning to visit the city of Chicago soon?
Here’s a great tip: A free service for local guides known as the ‘Chicago Greeter’ is offered to conduct customized tours of the city. These tours, lasting 2 to 4 hours, are performed by a trained volunteer who lives in the city!
Choose to explore the city from more than 40 special interest topics, including art, architecture, food, local history, family activities, ethnic Gay Chicago or Chicago and more …
Choose to visit one of the 25 different neighborhoods, each with its unique character and its own culture, history and flavor.
Choose even the language of your turn: the tours are offered in over a dozen languages.
Note that this organization is coordinating more than 200 enthusiastic volunteers to help you discover the city and share their expertise and their passion for their city. In addition, the Greeter Chicago adheres to a strict policy of refusing tips.


However you must register at least 10 days in advance in order to receive a free personalized tour according to your interests. Looking for more flexibility, or prefer to make plans to visit Chicago at the last minute? Use the Service ‘InstaGreeter’ to perform a FREE guided walk an hour to the city center (the LOOP). This service is offered on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and registration is not necessary.
For more information on this exceptional service check their website and sign up appointments.
All volunteers are happy to provide this service at no cost, to support tested and certified by a fan of  Tips and Travel.

Text & photos by Mario Bergeron

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