Relaxed holidays: a cruise

You need holidays but you don’t have many days to take?
You would like to travel to several countries or cities but you do n’t want to drive?
You won’t have time to take the train, bus or plane to get from one place to another?
You have no idea what it would be better to see in each place?
You don’t want to call here and there for reservations?
And in addition you want to have everything organized, with the luxury, fun, entertainment and knowledge of the pros? Without anything to organise, just enjoying life?
Your solution: take a cruise !!!!! Everything is thought for you ..
Check for the port where you would like to spend 2 or 3 days before or after the cruise: Rome, Fort Lauderdale, Buenos Aires, etc; the shipping company may give you these days at unbeatable prices just to have you with them or ask your travel agent what would be the special offer that can come with it.
If you care to get away from the port because you have found a better price with the airline by going to another city, do not worry, the shipping company will take you to the ship at friendly prices. Note that most companies offer you free transport from the airport if you arrive the same day the cruise start.
Consider that everything is included except alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and some specialties such as cappuccino, espresso, etc. If you want a good price, buy the beverage package (1st day on board) when the servers offer it to you, you will find that you will pay less that what you would really consume. By the way, ask in advance because several companies attract passengers with a package of all drinks included.

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