Day of the Dead, Mexico

If there is a typical holiday in Mexican culture, it is the Day of the Dead that extends south of the United States with the Mexican community. It’s a party that runs from October 31st to November 2nd, with traditions; known especially for the realization of private altars dedicated to the dead with offerings (flowers, food, candles, photos, items that belonged to the dead, etc.). From October 31st to November 1st, the day is dedicated to the dead children (angelitos = little angels), serving a sweet snack and the next day, the All Saints’ Day is dedicated to the breakfast for the ‘angelitos’ and then the rest of the day is dedicated to the deceased adults and they add other offerings in the altars. People visit the cemetery on November 2nd. Altars are erected in homes, workplaces, hotels, etc. There are also contests where they choose the most beautiful altar, the public can enter, vote and enjoy the traditional food they have prepared to share and depending on the region, you can also find native people with their own tradition. The altar has several levels that represent the different moments traversed by the soul of the dead, usually the photo of the deceased occupies the upper place of the altar. In decorations, we find small skulls made of sugar, chocolate or plastic with the name or initials of the deceased. All this decoration and offerings serve to show the deceased that he is loved and that he has not been forgotten. Usually, there is also a cross in the altar. There are garlands made with colorful paper or plastic, with cuts that show skulls, skeletons or simply geometric figures. Among the food, which must not be missed, is the dead bread that is made and eaten right in this very celebration as sweets or very sweet decorations to eat.


If you visit Mexico at this time of the year, enjoy this experience, you will not regret it. The hotels make their decorations, events and even all depending on the hotel (usually big chains), parties where you can even disguise yourself.

If you have the opportunity to see a real celebration in town, do not hesitate, it’s worth it. The Mexicans are very kind and will invite you to enjoy their specialties of the Day of the Dead even they will be delighted to join you in this event by telling you a little about the history of this tradition.

If you prefer to stay at the hotel, the various TV stations play the best-known horror films.


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