Laos is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia limiting with Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam and China. Mountains and plateaus occupy over 70% of the country; forest covers 44% of the country. Laos has opened up in 1986 in the ‘new economic mechanism’ and several countries have started to invest in the country but foreign investments remain modest and are mainly in tourism (hotels, restaurants, services) but it continues to be the one of the poorest countries in the world. The agricultural sector is the most important; we find rice, corn, starch, coffee, peanuts, cotton and tobacco. Its opening to tourism is fairly recent as well (1990). Vientiane, the capital, has many temples to visit and you can do it by renting a motorbike or bicycle; you can also take a stroll along the Mekong. Another way to know the country is on a guided boat tour through the Mekong. You can also enjoy other villages and areas of interest more easily. Another beautiful town to visit is Luang Prabang which was the old royal city; you will find interesting temples.


The rainy season is from May to September but try to avoid visiting during the months of October and November also because they can be rainy and have tails typhoons.

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